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3 Surprising Benefits Of Installing A Metal Roof On Your Home

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If you are considering residential roof replacement and want to invest in a high-quality roof, you may want to consider installing a metal roof. A metal roof can provide your home with some surprising benefits.

Benefits #1: Quiet Operation

Many people wrongly assume that metal roofs make a lot of noise, but the truth is that modern metal roofs don't make that much noise.

Older metal roofs installed decades ago usually only had wood purlins if they had anything in place between the building and the roof. This results in metal roofs that made that classic tapping sound whenever it rained.

Newer metal roofs are completely different nowadays. The exterior metal is only one part of the roof. Your roof is going to have a fully insulated roof deck with plywood over the rafters. If you have a well-insulated attic, the sound will be further reduced.

The multiple layers help dampen the sound, resulting in a metal roof that doesn't sound any different when it rains than a shingled roof does.

Benefit #2: Increased Home Value

Second, adding a metal roof to your home can also help increase the value of your home. Metal roofs generally increase the value of a home because they look good and can help increase the curb appeal of your home.



Metal roofs can also help increase the value of your home because of how long they last. A metal roof can last for a century if it is taken care of properly, and most metal roofs last for decades. Purchasing a home with a metal roof more than likely means you will not have to pay to install a new roof later, making a home with a metal roof appealing.

Benefit #3: Year-Round Protection

Finally, a metal roof is a great investment because it can provide you with year-round protection. In the winter, the profile of a metal roof will help snow fall off your roof and will prevent snowfall from creating damaging ice dams on your roof. In the spring and summer, water will flow effortlessly to your gutters. In the summer, your metal roof will help reflect heat away from your home, keeping your home cooler.

Installing a metal roof offers multiple benefits. A metal roof offers you quiet operations while providing you with year-round protection and increasing your home value. Installing a metal roof is a great investment that will pay off by increasing the value of your home and decreasing your cooling costs in the summer. Talk to a local roofing contractor to learn more about installing metal roofing on your home this summer.