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Clay Roofing: How To Have A Roof That Lasts A Century

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Are you looking to replace the roof on your house for the last time? If so, you may be considering clay roofing tiles as the solution. This roofing material has the potential to last over a century, but only if you take care of the material. If you are going to have clay roofing tiles installed, be sure to follow these tips.

Cleaning Clay Roofing Tiles

Start by sweeping off debris from the roof when you see it, since if debris collects, it can cause problems where the water cannot properly run off the tiles. Algae can eventually form on the surface, which will cause the roots of the algae to get into small cracks and make them larger.

The best solution to clean algae from clay roofing tiles is with a simple homemade cleaning solution. Mix one part water with one part chlorine together, then use the solution to soak spots with algae for a few minutes. Brush the algae away using a brush with soft bristles, making sure that you get into all of the clay roofing tile edges.

When finished rinse off the surface using water from a hose or with a pressure washer. If using the pressure washer, work your way down from the very top of your roof, and avoid spraying water in a direction that can cause the tiles to lift off the roof.

Replacing Clay Roofing Tiles

Any tile beyond the point of repair will need to be replaced. It's a process that requires care so that surrounding tiles are not damaged. You can physically break the remainder of the clay roofing tile that is there so that it is removed in small chunks. Brush away remaining debris, then apply a sealant to the roof along the edges where the new tile will rest. Apply pressure so that the new tile forms a solid seal, and the new material will be good to go.

Repairing Clay Roofing Tiles

If you do notice cracks in your clay roofing material, you'll want to patch them as quickly as you can. Brush out the material in the crack, then apply a silicone sealant so that the crack is filled in. Wipe away and extra sealant, and the clay roofing tile will be good as new.

While this works best for small cracks, you may need the help of a residential roofing contractor for significant damage. Reach out to one for a consultation about the damage.