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Solar Tiles: Product Of The Future Or Now

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Solar tiles are definitely one of the most exciting and talked about new developments in roofing. While they are yet to become common and price effective in most housing markets, they are certainly the wave of the future as far as solar goes. Of course, if you are already interested in buying solar tiles for your home there are some important things to know. This article discusses the pros and cons of buying solar tiles in the current market.

Solar Tiles Are Still a Little Expensive

As mentioned, solar tiles are still rather expensive. As they become more popular, they are obviously going to become cheaper. Not only will the actual tiles become cheaper, but the cost of installation will also be cheaper. At this point, it is a relatively rare and specific product that the majority of professional roofers have no experience with. But, this could be a completely different story in just 10 years.

As with any roofing product project, the ultimate cost of installation is also going to hinge on what your existing roof material is, how difficult it is to remove it, and how much preparation work is going to be necessary before the tiles can be installed. Solar tiles are complicated to install because each individual tile needs to be connected to the power converter. Basically, each tile is going to be wired.

Are They Worth It?

Even though the actual cost of solar tiles might seem astronomical, you have to think about all of the benefits. First of all, it is going to be the most energy efficient solar option for your home. Solar tiles are also going to work much more effectively than solar panels. Solar panels are generally ugly and they look out of place on top of your roof tiles. Most solar tiles are dark because it helps to absorb more of the UV rays, enabling them to convert more electricity.

Many early adopters are excited to install solar panel tiles today. If you are ready to do it, and you plan on living in your home for the foreseeable future, it is a product that will definitely pay for itself in the long haul. There is no point in installing normal tiles, and then replacing them years later with a solar tile. Even though the solar tiles might be a little cheaper in the future, the cost of a brand new roof replacement product is going to far outweigh the cost of just installing the solar tiles today.

Regardless of whether you opt for solar tiles or not, if you need a roof replacement, reach out to a place that installs residential roofs