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Choose A New Tile Roof If You Want An Upscale Look When You Renovate Your Home

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If you're looking to give your home a new look, then you may want to consider putting on a tile roof when you renovate. Tile gives your home an upscale appearance which can even add to the value of your home and make it more desirable when it's put up for sale. Here are some other benefits of putting a tile roof on your home.

Tile Offers Excellent Protection

Tiles can be made from concrete or clay, and they both offer fire protection for your roof. This could be a benefit if you live in an area where brush fires occasionally break out since embers won't ignite easily. Insects have no interest in tiles like they do wood shake roofing. Tiles are also hard and durable so they're harder for raccoons and rats to bust up or chew through to get into your attic. Tiles are designed in layers with a waterproof layer on top that keeps rain from seeping into the deck. Tiles also provide good insulation which improves climate control and may lower energy costs for your home.

Tiles Are Environmentally Friendly

If choosing a roofing material that is eco-friendly is important to you, then tiles are a good choice. They last a long time so your home won't be responsible for adding to your local landfill. An asphalt roof will need to be replaced several times over the life of your home and this creates a lot of waste. A tile roof could last for several decades and be the last roof you have to buy. Tiles are also made of natural materials and they can be recycled when removed from a home to make new roofing.

Tiles Come In Different Shapes And Colors

When you think of a tile roof, you may imagine an orange or red barrel tile roof like you see on southwestern or Mediterranean homes. While these tiles are popular, you can also buy the tiles in different shapes and colors. White tiles can reflect the sun and help keep your home cooler. Flat tiles with blue tint mimic the appearance of natural slate. You can also buy concrete tiles shaped to look like wood shakes. Tiles can be made in a variety of colors so you can match the roof with the exterior paint on your home.

Besides these advantages of tile roofs, they are also easy to maintain. You may need to wash your roof occasionally to get rid of dirt and algae, but since tile tolerates high winds and small hail, you probably won't have to repair much damage. However, if some tiles are cracked, they can be replaced easily since old tiles can be pulled out and new ones put in their place.

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