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Planning Some Home Renovations? Why You Should Consider Restoring Your Roof

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If you are planning to do some home renovations when the weather warms up, you should consider restoring your roof if it is old or looks rundown. To help you decide if you want to do this, below are three benefits you will find if you choose roof restoration.

Save You Money

Even though you have to pay a roofer to restore your roof it is much less expensive than installing a new roof. Unless your roof is in very bad shape with holes and other damage, restoration will work great. Restoring a roof will also save you money in repairs that you may have to make in the future on your current roof. For example, you may start having problems with shingles coming loose or breaking or have other roofing problems.

Restoring the roof will add on years to its life and it will look like you had a new roof installed on your home.

Improve Your Home's Energy

If your roof has holes and other openings, this will raise your heating bills. This is because cold air gets into your home which will make what you use to heat your home, such as a furnace or HVAC unit, run much more often. Warm air inside your home also leaks outside. This will not only cost you money, but your furnace or HVAC unit will run more and may cause problems over time.

Even if your roof does not look like it has any holes, there could be holes around the fascia and soffit. Fascia runs under the edge of the roof. If you go outside and look, you will be able to see this. There is an eave, also known as soffit, under the fascia, which could also have problems.

Add Value to Home

If you want to sell your home in the near future, restoring your roof will add to the value. If your roof is not in good condition the real estate agent will take money off of the selling price. This is because the new owners will have to pay for a roofing replacement or restoration.

Choosing roof restoration along with making other exterior changes, such as painting and landscaping, will get you the most out of your home.

Talk with a roofing contractor in your area about roof restoration and they can give you many more details.  The roofer will come to your home and inspect your roof. They will then tell you if roof restoration would work well.