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Roof Damage Warning Signs That Are Easy To Miss

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When you can identify roof damage, you will be able to make the necessary roof repairs and avoid the more expensive costs that come from your roof failing to adequately protect your home. While you may notice missing singles or a water leak, there are many warning signs of a damaged roof that you might not even notice.

Animals On The Roof

If you see a lot of animals, this can be a sign that you need to perform maintenance on your roof. Animals use a roof as a place to enter a home. Animals that enter through your roof are not only a nuisance themselves, but may cause further damage to the roof.

Buckling Shingles

Some homeowners fail to notice buckling shingles. You may only notice them if you are up on the roof. For this reason, you may want to climb onto your roof or hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof at least once a year. 

A Whistling Sound

The wind that passes over the damaged part of your roof can be enough to create a whistling sound. When your home is fully sealed, you should not hear a whistling sound. 

An Old Roof

Even if it seems like there is absolutely nothing wrong with your roof, if you have a a roof that is old, you should still have it replaced. The length of time that you should wait before replacing your roof depends in the materials you use.

However, you should typically have your roof replaced every 25 years. If your roof is well-ventilated and if you have more than one layer of shingles, you may avoid replacing your roof for an extra five years. Shingles deteriorate over time and will not be as durable. A storm will more easily knock shingles off.

Nails Where They Do Not Belong

Nails hold your roof shingles in place. However, if your shingles become damaged, these nails will often pop out and will be found at the edge of your roof. The nails might also be sitting along the side of your home or in your gutters. Because many of these warning signs are difficult to notice, you should inspect your roof carefully or hire a professional.

A Spongy Feeling Underfoot 

If you do walk on your roof, pay attention to how it feels underneath your feet. If the roof feels spongy, this can be a sign that the structural integrity of your roof is not very great and that water may have infiltrated.