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Is It Time For A New Roof?

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If you don't recognize the signs telling you it's time to go ahead and replace your roof with a new one, then you can be nickel and diming yourself with repair after repair. While putting a new roof on your house may not be something you look forward to doing, sometimes it's just the best choice. You can learn about some of the important signs that indicate it may be time for you to go ahead and fully replace your roof with a new one by reviewing the information here –

Your roof is very old

Roofs will typically last you for somewhere between twenty to twenty-five years before you should consider having a new one put on. If you know that your roof is in this age range, and you are starting to deal with repair issues, then it may be time to replace the whole thing. The good news is doing this now should give you many years of repair-free enjoyment, before you have to go through it again.

You have troubled valleys on your roof

Your roof has what is referred to as "valleys." These are the areas where rain runs down on its way into your rain gutters. If you start to have troubles with missing shingles in these areas, then it can quickly mean big trouble for your home. Having a compromised valley means there is a good chance you will develop leaks very soon, and since they will be in the valley, you can expect them to be serious leaks.

You see a lot of curling in the shingles

If you start to notice that many of your shingles are beginning to curl up around the edges, then the time has come for you to have a roofer come out and replace your roof. When many shingles buckle at around the same time, the roof is telling you that it is past its prime and larger issues will soon follow.

You find a lot of granules in the gutters from the shingles

Once your shingles are old, the granules on them will start to wash off with rainfall, and they end up getting caught up in the rain gutters, or even make their way down the rain spout, and you will find many of them where the rain water deposits in the yard. This is yet another sign that the roof needs replacement.

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