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Why You Should Not Ignore Hail Damage

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A hailstorm can damage your roof and other personal property. These storms can be very destructive, but the degree of damage tends to vary. For this reason, if homeowners do not see significant damage or notice a leak, then they tend to hold off on a hail damage roof repair. Read on to find out why you should not ignore roof hail damage.

Loose Shingles

When shingles are made, granules are embedded into the asphalt. If your roof is hit by hail, then it can loosen the bond between the granules and asphalt layer. It is hard to see this from the ground because the granules end up going where your gutters drain. It is time for a roof inspection when you see a pile of granules after a hailstorm.

Leaky Roof

The granules are falling off because that area of your shingles is damaged. This results in your asphalt layers being exposed to the weather elements. The ultraviolet light from the sun will make the exposed areas brittle and weak. When winter comes, your shingles will contract, expand, and crack. This is when your roof starts to leak.

Not Covered By Insurance

It helps to have your roof inspected after storm damage. A roof inspector can tell when the damage is old or new. Weather damage has different characteristics as it goes through the different seasons. Insurance companies usually gives you a set amount of time to make a claim after damage occurs. It does not matter that you did not know about the damage. Inspectors have tools that allow them to determine the date of your roof damage. If you do not file your claim within that time, then your insurance company will not pay for it.

Causes Extensive Damage

Leaks can cause extensive damage. They can result in electrical issues, wall and ceiling damage, mold, and personal property loss. This type of damage can seem like it happens overnight because leaks often go undetected. It is important to not let a leak linger. Waiting results in paying more money out of pocket.

You cannot stop your home from getting damaged by a hailstorm, but you can reduce the amount of damage. However, it does help to keep your trees trimmed. The force from the hail can knock a tree branch onto your roof. It also helps to get your roof inspected before any weather damage occurs. You want to make sure your roof is not susceptible to hail damage.