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Pros And Cons Of Spray Foam Roofing

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Looking into getting a more energy efficient roof? If so, you might have considered using spray foam as your roofing material of choice. Here are pros and cons about the material that you should know before you move forward with using it.

Pros of Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam is a popular roofing material with homeowners because of the strength and durability that it has, which is often compared to other roofing systems with multiple layers. The material is waterproof and seamless, and will adhere to your existing roofing material. The material can withstand the damage caused by hail, which often impacts the top layer of a roof.

Spray foam also provides superior insulation when compares to competing materials. You'll have lower energy bills in the winter since the heat will be trapped in your house, which is also better for the environment as well since you use less energy.

The professional installation should go quickly, since it can fit around all the protrusions coming out of your roof, such as a chimney, exhaust vents, and even a satellite dish. The material is also lightweight, so you don't have to reinforce your roof due to additional weight.

Cons of Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam insulation should be installed by a professional, especially if you have never done it before. This is because you need to avoid having any dips within the foam, which make parts of the roof have less insulation and can collect rainwater. While a professional has much more experience with this material and won't likely make a mistake, it can make installation a difficult DIY job. Know that doing a spray foam roof installation incorrectly could cause the material to fail.

When looking at the cost of spray foam roofing, know that it is more expensive than asphalt shingles. While there should be cost savings over the years, you won't see it if you're planning to sell your home sooner rather than later.

A spray foam roof will also be hard to remove from a roof once it is installed. It's possible to install boards beneath the foam, which allows it to be removed in section, but this adds on to the installation cost and could be unnecessary.

For more information on spay foam roofing, reach out to a local roofing company like JC Roofing & Insulating. They can provide you with information about material cost and installation, ensuring the job is done correctly.