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Is Your Roof Ready For Spring? What To Look For

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While winter is just about ready to make its exit, don't get too excited just yet. Sure, springs brings with it longer days and warmer temperatures, but it also brings along powerful storms in many parts of the country. Is your roof prepared? A roof in poor condition will be even more susceptible to shingle damage, leaks and even foundation damage. Make sure you know what to do to protect your home this spring.

Inspect For Loose Shingles

During a powerful rain storm, high winds are often expected. If your shingles are even slightly loose, these high winds will send your shingles flapping all over the place and possibly even cause them to detach completely. It's wise to replace loose shingles right away.

Fortunately, checking for loose shingles is often something you can do simply by looking up at your roof from the ground as they will appear slightly raised. Even if you're lucky enough for the shingles to not detach, they will still allow the rain water to reach the under-layers of your roof, which can cause structural damage and leaking.

Check For Deteriorating Shingles

Loose shingles are easy to recognize from the ground, but deteriorating shingles are harder to highlight. One way to spot them is to check your gutters. When inspecting your gutters, you want to look for small specs of black granules. If you see an excessive buildup, this is cause for concern.

Shingles in this condition have expired and present an increased chance of a roof leak during heavy rain. Additionally, the buildup in the gutters will prevent rainwater from flowing down and away from your home through the gutters. The result is the water flowing straight down to your foundation, causing significant damage. Have your shingles replaced and your gutters cleaned.

Have Any Hangover Addressed

This also serves as an excellent time to have any hangover addressed, such as overreaching tree limbs. While not directly related to your roof, an overhanging limb can easily fall on your roof and cause damage during a storm. Even worse, if it is discovered that the limb should have been removed, but you neglected to do so, your insurance company might even find you liable for the damages.

An overhanging limb that crashes on the roof can damage not just the shingles, but the structural support of the roof. This doesn't just increase the risk of leaking but also jeopardizes the safety of your home.

Even if you aren't seeing any evidence of roof damage, it's still a good idea to have your roof inspected. With these tips and an inspection from a company like Stevens Roofing Corporation, you will have greater confidence that your home and roof are protected.