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Protecting Your Boardwalk Store's Flat Roof

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If you've got a store on a boardwalk strip near the ocean, it's likely that the flat roof gets no attention because you're so busy accommodating your customers. However, proper maintenance and care is vital if you want to maintain a safe environment in your store and keep your products from getting damaged due to roof problems. Therefore, here are some things you might want to take care of to ensure your boardwalk store's flat roof remains intact.

Do Frequent Inspections

Because of the salt in the air and frequent breezes, it's important to realize that your roof surface could wear down more quickly than if your store was in another location. You've got to make some time to see with your eyes if there are any problems brewing so that you can set aside funds to fix minor issues before you start seeing leaks or have to deal with soft or rotting spots.

In particular, keep an eye on the wood frame itself. Wood can be easily affected by air moisture, and over time, you might have to reinforce or replace any lumber on the roof structure. You're also going to want to watch for signs that the shingles are flying off so they can be replaced. Also, tighten metal flashing around any skylights to avoid leaks.

Mount Heating Cables

Salt is only one of your concerns when your store is on the boardwalk and the roof is flat. If your store is on more northern coasts where it could accumulate snow in the wintertime, a smart move is to mount heating cables. These cables will prevent buildup of rock-hard, thick ice and inches of heavy snowfall which can cause parts of your roof to buckle and cave in. A built-in control panel will automatically cause the heating cables to turn themselves on when temperature reaches a certain number so that you don't need to remind yourself to power up the heating cables when snow starts to fall or rain starts to freeze.

Without heating cables, you are likely to have to use other measures to remove snow and any ice. You might need to utilize snow rakes, which could be risky for you, or simply wait until there's a thaw, in which case, continued exposure could damage the roof surface.

With attention to these matters, your boardwalk store's flat roof is going to remain strong. Talk to a local roofer who has both experience with commercial stores and roofs that have constant exposure to saltwater; their advice might protect your roof even more. Visit websites like to learn more.