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Commercial Roofing Services: An Overview Of Self-Adhering Roofing Systems

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Don't cheap out on the roofing structure of your commercial building, as it is the first line of defense against environmental and elemental hazards. A properly insulated commercial roof can reduce overall heat loss within the building by 25%, and so can a high quality roofing surface. There are many popular materials used for commercial roofing; however, a new product, which was released in the market in recent years, has been gaining popularity. This article will provide you with an overview of self-adhering roofing systems.

The Fundamentals of a Self-Adhering Roofing System

If you're looking to save time without compromising on quality, self-adhering roofing systems will often have what you're looking for. These roofing systems have a base that can be nailed or installed with a self-adhering ply, and are typically made from commercial grade modified bitumen membranes combined with other chemical substrates that give it water resistant properties. Traditionally, self-adhering roofing systems have a granulized appearance, which looks like asphalt; however, some of the newer options released on the market have a more mineralized appearance, which would look more like marble. If you will be allowing people to go up onto the roof, a self-adhering roofing system with a mineralized surface may be a more attractive option.

These roofing systems are typically made for commercial buildings with a low slope. They may not be as acceptable for buildings with a large slope since the installation process will become quite a bit more complex and difficult. 

Installation Tips For Longer Roof Lifespan 

When installing self-adhering roofing systems, special attention must be made to ensure a long-term watertight installation. In particular, roofing contractors need to pay extra attention to the weather. Self-adhering roofing systems must be installed when the daily temperature is a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and is rising throughout the day. The binding of the self-adhering membranes take some time to cure and gain its adhesive strength.

In addition, it is crucial that the substrate is cleaned before the self-adhering membrane is installed. The accumulation of dirt and dust particles will prevent the self-adhering roofing membrane from properly adhering. This will cause the self-adhering roofing system to require more maintenance and repairs over the years. Take the time to prep the surface before installing anything in order to ensure that you'll be getting the best results. Most commercial roofing services will examine the roofing surface to determine whether a light or heavy wash will be needed for optimal results.

Last but not least, it is important to choose wisely when picking the insulation that should be laid underneath, as not all materials are considered to be acceptable. For example, polyisocyanurate, wood fibreboard and perlite cannot be used.

Advantages of This System

Since there are many alternatives available, you want to look at beneficial features that are possessed only by self-adhering roofing systems. Some unique advantages include:

  • ease of installation. Although most self-adhering roofing systems will need some time to cure, they are extremely easy to install. Minimal equipment is needed, and the installation of the roofing will not produce any fumes or toxins. 
  • efficiency. Getting the roofing completed as soon as possible should be a priority. You don't want the roofing to be half finished before it starts raining or before bad weather kicks in. Self-adhering roofing systems can be installed in almost no time at all.
  • being environmentally friendly. In comparison to other materials, self-adhering roofing systems are environmentally friendly because they are not made from any volatile ingredients and chemicals at all.


There are many different versions and types of self-adhering roofing systems available. These systems have been proven to last for years upon years, and will provide your commercial property with the features that it needs. Speak with a professional commercial roofing company for additional info and to determine the type of self-adhering substrate that is most suitable for the environment that you live in, and an appropriate installation schedule.